Your question: What day does hunting season start in Florida?

What hunting season is open in Florida?

Season Dates (2021):

In most cases, archery season is July 31 to August 29 (Zone A), October 16 to November 14 (Zone B), September 18 to October 17 (Zone C), and October 23 to November 24 (Zone D).

Can you hunt on your own property in Florida?

On private property with landowner permission, wild hogs may be hunted year-round day or night without restriction (i.e., by all lawful methods with no bag/possession limits, no size limits and no licenses/permits required).

Can you hunt on Sundays in Florida?

Hunting is prohibited on Sundays on all Wildlife Management Area lands. On private lands statewide Sunday hunting for all game is legal except in Game Zones 1 and where turkey hunting is prohibited on Sundays, and bear hunting is prohibited on Sundays in Game Zone 1.

Where are the biggest bucks in Florida?

The official state record for Florida is a 1999 buck, a 26-point velvet-racked buck killed at Green Swamp West Wildlife Management Area in Pasco County, just west of Orlando. That buck tallied 206 inches even.

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Where can you hunt for free in Florida?

Hunting Florida’s national wildlife refuges (NWR)

  • Chassahowitzka NWR, 1502 Southeast Kings Bay Dr., Crystal River, FL 34429; 352-563-2088.
  • Ten Thousand Islands NWR, 12085 State Road 29 South, Immokalee FL 34142; 239-657-8001.
  • A.R.M. …
  • Lower Suwannee NWR, 16450 NW 31st Place, Chiefland, FL 32626; 352-493-0238.

At what age do you no longer need a fishing license in Florida?

Florida residents age 65 or older do not need a recreational hunting, freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing license or a *Florida waterfowl, migratory bird, deer, turkey, snook, spiny lobster, archery season, crossbow season, muzzleloading season permit or management area permit by possessing proof of age and …

Can I shoot a bobcat on my property in Florida?

Bobcats may be hunted and killed from December 1 to March 1, although you may chase them year-round with dogs. You may use all legal means for taking them, although the calibers mentioned for coyotes are good ones. … Do not take a bobcat pelt out of Florida without first getting a tag for it from the FWC.

Can you hunt deer with a 223 in Florida?

223 is appropriate for deer where the size of the deer is small. Pretty common in Florida – but I certainly would not risk a trophy buck to a . 223. Biggest problem with 223/5.56 is not the muzzle energy but the stability of the projectile.

Is baiting legal in Florida?

It’s against the law to feed or use bait on WMAs. You may not use dogs to hunt deer or turkeys during archery season, but you may use bird dogs if you’re quail hunting. However, you may use a dog on a leash to help you trail any wounded game.

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Can you hunt from a vehicle in Florida?

Taking or attempting to take wildlife is illegal on, upon or from rights-of-way of federal, state or county-maintained roads, whether paved or otherwise, except reptiles and amphibians may be taken without the use of firearms and raptors may be taken per Rule 68A-9.005, F.A.C.

Can you hunt turkeys over bait in Florida?

Hunters may use decoys, but they are not permitted to hunt turkeys with dogs, use recorded turkey calls or sounds, or shoot turkeys on the roost, or over bait.