How do you use anise oil for bear hunting?

Some hunters suggest you put it into a spray bottle and spritz it while walking through the woods and all around the bait site, then again, the whole spot will be crawling with bears exclusively from that anise smell.

What is anise bear attractant?

With Bear Bomb Anise Oil, you can appeal to a bear’s appetite even if baiting isn’t allowed where you hunt. … That being said, its enticing black-licorice scent is also an irresistible compliment to bait sites and equally effective when stalking.

What is the best attractant for black bear?

Beaver carcasses will always be some of the best bear bait around, but the commercial-type bait seems to hold the bears better than just the fryer grease and oats. “Many like it because they can just order bait and be done with it.

What scents attract black bears?

Spray attractants, concentrated flavor powders, pourable attractants, and gels all work excellent in attracting bears. For example, These attractants come in flavors or scents such as, anise, doughnut, raw meat, fish, apple, and musk gland flavors.

What is bear anise oil?

Bear Bomb® Anise Oil Scent drives bears crazy with the odor of one of nature’s most universal attractants — anise! A unique NVERTR 180-degree ball valve allows the scent to be sprayed in short bursts or you can empty the contents all at once to disperse a cloud of enticing scent.

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Does anise oil attract bears?

Mayans Secret Anise Essential Oil is the best bear attractant and thus, it will call bears into your kill zone without hesitation. The smell of Anise Oil to a bear is like, blood to a shark.

What are the best bear baits?

We have found that breads, donuts, dog food, and popcorn all seem to work great and can be fairly easy to get your hands on. Bears love to load up on carbs and can spend hours devouring several hundred pounds, so make sure you’ve got plenty of bait.

Are bears attracted to molasses?

Yes, it will attract bears.

Is peanut butter good bear bait?

They gobble it up! Bears also love peanut butter, if you can get it, as well as jams and jellies. A friend uses a mixture of grain, brown sugar, and water, which he mixes in a barrel and allows to ferment a little.

Does human pee attract bears?

Yes, Bears Do Seem to Be Attracted to Human Urine

It isn’t entirely clear why, but bears do seem to be attracted to human urine. … Bears have incredibly powerful smelling capabilities, and this means that they will be able to smell urine very clearly even if you try to dilute the smell.

Do bears like Pine Sol?

While bears love anything sweet (yes, even honey) they have often been found to steer clear of anything pine-scented. Bears dislike the scent of any pine-scented cleaners that contain pine. Using pure pine oil or a cleaner that contains pine oil, such as Pine-Sol, will aid in repelling bears.

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Will bacon grease attract bears?

Here are a few tips that will really get the bait fired up. All year long I save used cooking oil, bacon grease, hamburger grease and so forth. We deep fry a lot of fish at our house and the used vegetable oil smells pretty good to a bear, especially when mixed with bacon grease.