Question: Where can I hunt wild turkey in BC?

Turkey can be found all along the two southern regions; Boundary Country and the Kootenay, typically between Nakusp and Grand Forks. Prime locations include Wildlife Management Unit (WMU) 8-15, particularly around Christina Lake, and WMU 4-8, between Trail and Castlegar.

Can you hunt turkeys in BC?

BC is one of the only jurisdictions in North America without a tag for wild turkey. … With a new species tag, non-resident hunters will require a non-resident tag and will need to utilize a BC resident hunt companion or Guide-Outfitter.

Are there wild turkeys in the Okanagan?

Turkeys were first introduced in the ’70s, and have now migrated northward into the Okanagan and Creston valleys primarily from south of the border from Montana, Idaho and Washington State.

Is there wild turkey on Vancouver Island?

The B.C. Game Commission had experimented with introducing Wild Turkeys to Vancouver Island since 1910. … Remnant populations still exist in several Vancouver Island locations as well as on several smaller islands like Saturna and Sidney Island.

Where can I find wild turkeys?

At night, turkeys fly up into trees to roost in groups. Wild Turkeys live in mature forests, particularly nut trees such as oak, hickory, or beech, interspersed with edges and fields. You may also see them along roads and in woodsy backyards.

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When can you hunt turkeys in BC?

The spring hunting season opens April 15th to May 15th and the fall season is open from October 1st to 15th. In the spring hunters can harvest one bearded wild turkey and in the fall one male or female bird. Turkey populations in BC are constantly fluctuating.

Are there wild turkeys in British Columbia?

Since The Birds of British Columbia was published in 1990, the Wild Turkey has expanded its range and now occurs throughout the valleys of the East and West Kootenay and southeast Okanagan regions.

Is it illegal to feed wild turkeys in BC?

A new regulation for 2020-21 makes it unlawful to intentionally feed or bait turkeys (or ungulates) in the Kootenay region, except under permit. The regional district is trying to address complaints from residents but also recognizes some people are happy to have them around.

Where are there wild turkeys in Canada?

Eastern wild turkeys (M. gallopavo silvestris) are found in southern Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, while Merriam’s wild turkey (M. gallopavo merriami) are found in southern British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Does Canada have wild turkeys?

Turkeys are now a common sight in southern Ontario and Quebec, and they are continuing to expand their range. … The historic range of wild turkeys in Canada was probably limited to southern Ontario and Quebec. Today, scattered populations can also be found in western Canada as a result of introductions.

Where are turkeys native to?

Domestic turkeys come from the Wild Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo), a species that is native only to the Americas. In the 1500s, Spanish traders brought some that had been domesticated by indigenous Americans to Europe and Asia.

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Can you hunt on Gabriola Island?

There is no bow only season on the Gulf Islands in MU 1-1, except Gabriola Island or in zone B of MU 1-5.