Quick Answer: How many elk tags are issued in Kentucky?

A hunter with this permit can hunt during any elk season anywhere they have permission to do so. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission issues up to 10 of these elk permits per year.

How hard is it to get a Kentucky elk tag?

According to the Fish and Wildlife Department, last year one of every 134 resident applications was drawn for an antlered gun tag (for nonresidents it was 1 in 627). Resident antlerless archery hopefuls had the best chance: one in 13.

What county has most elk Ky?

South Fork Elk View: The largest elk herd in Kentucky resides in Breathitt County, and a viewing area has been established for visitors.

How many elk does Kentucky have?

The current estimated population is approximately 11,000 animals. Kentucky has the highest elk population of any state east of the Mississippi River. The first elk hunt was conducted in 2001. Six bulls and six cows were harvested, with all hunters filling their permit.

What are the odds of getting an elk tag?

The draw procedures and application processes differ from state to state, but in a nutshell, your name goes in a hat and if it is selected, you get a tag. In really hard to draw areas (i.e., high quality), odds are often in the single digits, or even below 1%.

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How much is a elk tag in Kentucky?

License and Permit Fees

LICENSE / PERMIT Resident Nonresident
Quota Cow Elk Permit (if drawn) $60.00 $400.00
Quota (Either Sex) Archery/Crossbow permit (if drawn) $100.00 $550.00
Youth Elk Permit (if drawn) $30.00 $200.00
Out-of-Zone Elk Permit $30.00 $400.00

How many people apply for the Kentucky elk hunt?

At that time over 150,000 different people had applied for the drawing. It is possible for an individual to be drawn more than once because the drawing for each permit type is completely random, so each year the odds are the same for everyone who applies for a particular hunt type.

Are there elk in Daniel Boone National Forest?

The Daniel Boone National Forest is home to a wide variety of game species, including deer, wild turkey, ruffed grouse, quail, woodcock, squirrel, rabbit, fox, raccoon, waterfowl, and elk.

When did Kentucky introduce elk?

Paul Patton during Kentucky’s first elk release in December 1997. 2.3 million acres with 1 percent cropland, 6 percent grasslands and 93 percent forest.

How good is elk hunting in Kentucky?

Today, elk hunting in Kentucky is one of the most sought after sportsman opportunities in the country. With the largest hunt-able herd east of the Mississippi River, elk hunting in Kentucky is mainly reserved to a 16 county area in the southeastern part of the state known as the “restoration zone.”

Are there wolves in Kentucky?

Historically, Kentucky was home to two wolf species: the gray wolf (Canis lupus) and the red wolf (Canis rufus). However, their numbers gradually declined as human population in the state increased. Today, neither wolf species can be found in Kentucky.

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When did elk go extinct in Kentucky?

The coyote first immigrated into Kentucky in the 1950’s and is currently well established in all counties. Elk were extirpated from Kentucky by the 1850’s.

Are there mountain lions in Kentucky?

While mountain lions were once common in Kentucky, research shows the state has not supported a wild population of mountain lions for more than a century. … Currently, the nearest wild population of mountain lions resides in Nebraska, more than 900 miles from Kentucky.