Quick Answer: What is considered a legal bull elk in Colorado?

In most units, bull elk taken must have 4 points* or more on 1 antler OR must have a brow tine** at least 5 inches long. The intent of the antler-point restriction is to increase the number of branch-antlered bulls reaching two or more years of age.

How do I know if my elk is legal?

If you are hunting with a friend and see your partner exhibit warning signs of abandoning good judgment – speak up. Responsible hunting requires a leader to step up in times of stress. A legal tine or not? Sure, if the 6th tine on the bull you got is 2.5 cm long, it’s a legal bull.

What makes an elk legal?

For a typical American elk, Boone and Crockett requires a minimum of 360 points to enter the Awards Book, and 375 points for entry into the All-time Records Book. For most bulls, inside spread is only 10-15 percent of its score. Mass is usually less than 20 percent. Beam length is worth close to 25 percent.

What is a 4 point bull elk?

A legal bull has to have 4 points on ONE (1) antler [not both] or. a legal bull has to have ONE (1) 5 inch brow tine. Remember that there can be up to 4 brow tines [two on each antler] The regs state that a brow tine usually start not more than 8 inches from the skull.

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What is considered a large bull elk?

Any bull elk over 350″ is a BIG bull!

Can you bait elk in Colorado?

The Law. Under Colorado law, intentionally feeding big game animals is illegal. The prohibition applies to deer, elk, pronghorn, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, and bears.

How do you tag an elk in Colorado?

Place the four quarters in individual game bags and the loose meat in a fifth bag. Be sure to attach the harvest tag to one of the quarters before you bag it, then mark the bag in some way so you can easily find which contains the tag if you are asked to produce it.

Where is the most elk in Colorado?

According to John Ellenberger, big-game manager for the Colorado Division of Wildlife, the White River National Forest is the state’s elk mecca. “Our largest herd is the White River elk herd, found in the northern half of the White River National Forest–north of Interstate 70,” says Ellenberger.

What is a 3 point elk?

Three-point Elk – A male Elk bearing an antler that is composed of a main beam from which project not fewer than two tines, each of which is at least 7.6 cm (3 in.) in length. Note: The tip of the main beam must be at least 7.6 cm (3 in.) from the base of the last tine counted.

What is a 6×6 elk?

An elk with a total of 12 antler points (6×6) is called a ”royal” bull; one with 14 points (7X7) is an “imperial” and one with 16 points (8X8) is a monarch.

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What is a 5 point elk?

An elk’s first antlers are usually spikes. In good habitat, a bull may have a 5-point rack as a 2-1/2-year-old and then a small six-point rack as a 3-1/2-year-old. … If the main beam goes straight back from the dagger you’re almost certainly looking at a five-point antler.

How many inches is a big bull elk?

Most big mature bulls will have main beams close to 50 inches long. Some are longer and some a bit shorter, but 50 is a good estimate to start from.