Quick Answer: What is the canon ending of duck season?

All you have to do is defeat him when he comes after you, if you do before The Dog kills you, a cutscene will be triggered. This cutscene shows the kid crying, then calling 9-1-1, but then hangs up, realizing that the police probably won’t believe him and that they’ll think he killed his mom.

What happens at the end of Duck Hunt?

When all lives are gone, the game ends. After every second round, a bonus stage is played in which ducks can be shot for points as they fly out of the grass. However, the hunting dog occasionally jumps out, putting himself in the line of fire and creating a distraction.

What happens if you shoot Sun in Duck Season?

About. There is a glowing shell in the ammo, If you get the Gold Shell the shotgun will begin to glow. If the player proceeds to shoot the sun while this is happening, this ending will get triggered. The sun will explode and the game world is obliterated.

Who is the killer in Duck Season?

The Dog is the main antagonist of the 2017 creepypasta-styled VR game Duck Season. It is first a sprite that appears in the seemingly innocent game of Duck Season, tricking the player into shooting it instead of the ducks, but becomes increasingly aggressive and dangerous towards the player.

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What happened to the mom in Duck Season?

Mom’s Fate

David’s Mom can, potentially , be blamed for all the events in Duck Season. She was the one who bought her 11-year-old son, David, the cursed Duck Season cartridge. Conversely, there is nothing to support she knew that it was cursed.

Is the dog in Duck Season the dad?

He appears in the TV screen in front of you, making hand gestures like pointing to the player, then at himself and making a cradle motion rocking a baby, theorized to mean “I am your father”, however, Stress Level Zero posted a post saying that The Dog wasn’t David’s father, and that even when they planned to make …

How many duck season endings are there?

There are 7 endings in the game.

What happens if you don’t shoot the dog in Duck Season?

“Fiesta” Ending

To achieve this ending, never shoot the Dog during the Duck Season game-play sessions. The Dog will still spy on the player but will never attack the player or the player’s mom.

Will there be a Duck Season 2?

More Stories by Lesley. Disney+ will quack again. The streamer has handed out a second-season renewal for its revival of The Mighty Ducks. Production on Game Changers will begin in early 2022.

Who is duck season dog?

Without a doubt, the number one duck hunting dog you can find is Labrador Retrievers. Bred for marking, retrieving, and delivering waterfowl directly to your hands, Labradors are one breed you should consider when picking your duck hunting partner.

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How old is duck season?

Duck Season is a a psychological/survival game developed by Stress Level Zero. It was first released on 14 September 2017 and then later released for PC Version on 17 June, 2019.

Is Duck Hunt a horror game?

There’s a horror VR game based on Duck Hunt

But for a new generation of gamers, Duck Hunt may hold a scary place in their hearts. In 2017, Stress Level Zero released an indie horror VR game called Duck Season.