What do I need to hunt ducks in Utah?

Do you have a license? Before you can hunt waterfowl in Utah — and apply for or obtain a swan permit — you must possess a valid hunting license or combination license. Here’s the difference between the two licenses: A hunting license allows you to hunt small game, including waterfowl and upland game.

Do you need a duck stamp to hunt in Utah?

Waterfowl hunting season is finally here. … However, you are also required to have a Harvest Information Program (HIP) number to hunt any waterfowl in Utah, and a federal duck stamp if you are over the age of 15. You can register for a free HIP number on the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources website.

What are the rules of duck hunting?

Work hard and mind your manners by heeding the following unspoken rules of public land waterfowl hunting.

  • Know the laws and regulations. …
  • Show up early. …
  • Do not set up close to other waterfowl hunters. …
  • Do not call if you cannot call. …
  • Do not shoot birds working another’s decoys. …
  • Do not sky bust. …
  • Give fair chase to downed game.
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When can you hunt ducks in Utah?

The general-season duck hunt runs from Oct. 2 to Jan. 15 in Utah’s northern zone and runs from Oct. 16 to Jan.

What is the duck limit in Utah?

Latest dates for the duck Hunting Season Utah 2016-2017

Species Season Dates Possession Limits
Ducks, Mergansers Oct 3 to Jan 16 3 times daily bag limit
Coots Oct 3 to Jan 16 3 times daily bag limit
Scaup Oct 3 to Dec 27 3 times daily bag limit
Youth Waterfowl Hunt 19-Sep Same as regular duck and goose seasons

Can you duck hunt on Utah Lake?

Ever thought of going duck hunting? Utah Lake provides superb waterfowl hunting; here’s a few things that you must know! It was 19°F at 6:00 a.m. when our truck pulled up to the hunter’s access for the Powell Slough along the Utah Lake shoreline. At 27 years old, this was my first-time duck hunting.

Do you need a blind to Duck Hunt?

Duck hunters commonly use camo clothing, a blind bag, binoculars, a thermos, flashlights, decoy gloves, mechanical decoys, and other accessories. But none of these items is an absolute necessity.

How far do you have to be from a house to duck hunt?

2. Thou shall allow ample space between thyself and others – This one’s simple: Unless you’re both willing to partner up, give the next guy room. And in most parts of the country, 50 yards isn’t considered enough.

How much do duck hunters make?

For figuring purposes, say hunters pay $100 per day. If the lodge averages four hunters per day, per field, that’s $400 daily. Multiply that by the 60-day duck season and you’re looking at the potential for $24,000 per field.

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Is there good duck hunting in Utah?

Fortunately, plenty of public areas are more suited for foot soldiers including Farmington Bay, Ogden Bay, Bear River and Public Shooting Grounds Wildlife Management Area. Duck hunting is popular in Utah’s Great Salt Lake region, so get there early, and be sure to bring your patience.

What time is shooting light for ducks?

Ducks. Migratory Game Birds include ducks. In general, California duck shooting hours are from one-half (1/2) hour before sunrise until sunset.

What can I hunt in Utah right now?

Species commonly hunted in Utah are mule deer, elk, antelope, pheasant, ducks, geese, rabbits, sage grouse, forest grouse, chukar partridge, mourning dove and wild turkeys. Hunting is allowed in most public areas of the state, except in national parks, monuments, and state parks.