What is needed to turkey hunt?

Can you turkey hunt without a call?

It’s natural for hens to preen their feathers while perched on their roosts before a fly-down. … Toms often disappear after fickle hens fly down and you might not be aware he’s on the ground. This is when silent toms test your skills. There’s no doubt hunters can tag turkeys without ever making a calling sound.

How do you set up a turkey hunt?

The best turkey hunting setup is one where you are concealed but the bird has to come from a different level. Rolling terrain, thickets and other landscape features between you and him will be just enough to have him make those last steps to see what’s going on.

What camo do you need for turkey hunting?

Two of the best turkey hunting camo patterns are the Realtree® EDGE™ and Realtree® Timber™ camo patterns. The EDGE™ camo is the newest pattern from Realtree®. From a turkey hunting clothing perspective, EDGE™ is a camo that works from opening day to the last day of the season.

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What do you keep in your turkey vest?

Based on my experience, here are some things you might want to have in your vest when you’re heading for the turkey woods.

  • A variety of calls. …
  • Extra shells.
  • Gloves.
  • Facemask.
  • After-the-kill essentials. …
  • Caller helpers. …
  • O-dark-thirty aids. …
  • Extra coverage.

What time of day is best to hunt turkey?

General Weather Conditions: As a general rule of thumb, turkeys are most active during calm, clear days in morning and early afternoon hours. Turkey activity generally decreases with bad weather conditions including wind and rain.

How far can a turkey hear?

In a big field they will hear you from 400 yards. It sounds like you know where they are and where they are going.

Do you need decoys to turkey hunt?

Many modern hunters prefer to hunt from a pop-up blind in an open area. In such circumstances, decoys are almost a must. When you call to a turkey that’s visible from your setup, the bird instinctively knows it should be able to see the source of that calling. … If it doesn’t, the bird probably won’t come in.

Is turkey hunting hard?

When gobblers are hard to hunt, they are hard to hunt. That’s what we have here for you — three extremely tough-to-kill longbeards that exhibit very different actions. The key to killing these turkeys is understanding their personalities — and they do have personalities — before formulating a game plan.

What should you not do when turkey hunting?

10 Dumb Turkey Hunting Mistakes

  • Stand When You Should Sit. Patience kills turkeys, the old saying goes. …
  • Sit When You Should Walk. …
  • Walk When You Should Leave. …
  • Leave When You Should Stay. …
  • Call When You Should Shut Up. …
  • Shut Up When You Should Call. …
  • Shoot When You Should Wait. …
  • Wait When the Turkey Is Leaving.
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Do you need to wear orange turkey hunting?

The rule reads: “Turkey hunters must wear at least 250 square inches of flourescent orange on the head, chest and back combined, visible 360 degrees at all times when moving.” … Other fall turkey hunting states of course don’t have an orange apparel requirement at all. Turkeys see color, biology tells us.

What color should you not wear turkey hunting?

Hunting Safety

Never wear any visible article of clothing into the turkey woods that contains the colors white, red or blue. Not only will turkeys spot you, but these colors are associated with the head of a male turkey, and that can make you a target too.

Should you wear orange turkey hunting?

Orange should be avoided during turkey season where it’s not required. Orange is very close to red and a hunter dressed in orange can be mistaken for the red head of a gobbler. Unfortunately, most non-hunters do not think of wearing orange while participating in their outdoor pursuits during hunting seasons.