Best answer: Do bears eat deer feed?

The bear is omnivorous. Its diet consists of berries, grain, fish, insects, birds and mammals. The bear will hunt deer and moose and also feed on carcasses. However, a majority of the bear’s diet, around 70%, consists of something other than meat.

Do black bears eat deer corn?

Black bears are omnivores and eat a variety of foods, including grasses, insects, soft mast like fruits and berries, and hard mast such as acorns and nuts. They may also feed on agricultural crops such as corn and honey.

Do bears like deer corn?

Everything attracts bears. Best option in my experience is hanging a feeder high or broadcasting corn over a large area (20’ish). Bears are opportunistic but have zero patience eating single kernels at a time.

Do black bears and deer get along?

Fully Grown Deer and Bears Can Not Coexist in the Same Area

Now, deer and bears may be in the same area based on their habitat, but deer will most certainly avoid bears when given the opportunity. What is this? While bears and deer can be near one another at the same time, it is highly unlikely.

When should I take down my bear feeder?

Take down your feeder when spring arrives

If you live an area populated with bears, the state usually recommends completely taking down your bird feeder between the months of April and October. April is when bears are going to be leaving their dens hungry and searching for the easiest source of food.

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How do you keep bears away?

The use of strong scent deterrents will help repel bears from trash cans. Spray the area with Ammonia or use a ready to spray repellent product like Expel Natural Animal Repellent Spray. Enclose your compost pile. Open compost piles, especially those that include kitchen scraps, are an irresistible to bears.

Do bears eat bunnies?

Bears are opportunistic eaters that will eat a wide variety of things, including rabbits. However, it may surprise you to learn that as much as 80% of their diet consists of plants, including dandelions, berries, and seeds. If you see a bear eating meat, the animal was usually injured or killed by something else.

Will black bear eat a dead deer?

They are able to kill adult deer and other hoofed wildlife but most commonly are only able to kill deer, elk, moose, and other hoofed animals when the prey are very young.

Will black bears eat dogs?

In general, bears do not eat dogs. In most cases, a bear would avoid the confrontation with a dog. While bears are capable of hurting and eventually eating a dog, they would usually run away. Yet, in case the dog poses a threat to their cub, bears may become aggressive and eventually kill and eat a dog.

Do bears like alfalfa?

Plants such as alfalfa, clover, and dandelions are all broad-leafed and soft for the bears to digest. Flowers and roots are also eaten in large quantities, although they do not like to expend energy digging for the roots.

Do bears eat field corn?

Black bears are smart animals, very opportunistic, and will chow down on just about any crop they can get their big paws on. This includes field corn, sweet corn, sorghum, sunflowers, orchard crops and peanuts.

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Do bears eat salt blocks?

Grizzlies in recent years have learned to key in on such treats every fall, both in Wyoming and Montana. Concentrating gut piles over the salt licks creates an attraction that leads bears into encounters with hunters, Jackson has maintained.