Best answer: Is it legal to own a coyote in Georgia?

Georgia Law prohibits the taking of wildlife without proper permits or licenses. … NOTE: Permits would be required to legally possess live coyotes, armadillos, groundhogs, and beaver. Protected species of turtles, mussels, and other exempted species may not be collected without proper permits.

What animals are illegal to own in Georgia?

The list includes rodents such as the capybara or prairie dog, any type of primate, raptors, dolphins and whales, foxes, bears, wallabies and kangaroos, and many more. While Asian elephants are domesticated in the Far East, that’s not the case in Georgia, so both the Asian and African elephant make the prohibited list.

Are foxes legal in Georgia?

To put it simply: no, foxes are not legal in Georgia. The animals listed below are examples of the exotic species regulated under Georgia Law. … Carnivores (weasels, ferrets, foxes, cats, bears, wolves, etc.); all species.

Are raccoons legal in Georgia?

Raccoons can now be trapped for their fur throughout the entire state of Georgia. Georgia legal. The use of steel traps (of any kind) in the trapping of animals is cruel. It creates extreme fear and pain which no animal should be subject to.

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Can you own a bobcat in Georgia?

Bobcats are not legal to own in California, Connecticut, Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, Mississippi, Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Hawaii, and Maine.

Can I own a finger monkey in Georgia?

In Georgia, all species of apes are classified as “inherently dangerous” animals and as a result are among the most heavily regulated animals in the state. Under the Wild Animals Law, it is illegal to possess or sell chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, bonobos, and gibbons for use as pets.

Are pet skunks legal in Georgia?

Skunks may be imported from licensed breeders in the following states only (and with an importation permit which must first be approved): Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, …

Are sloths legal in Georgia?

Georgia prohibits individuals from owning certain exotic species regulated under Georgia law, including sloths. These exotic animals typically do not make very good pets, even though they may appear cuddly and adorable. Therefore, if you own a sloth in Georgia, you are breaking the law.

Can I own an opossum?

To keep a captive opossum legally, you need a wildlife rehabilitation permit from your state. Depending on where you live, you might need to volunteer with a wildlife rehabilitator, take a training class or pass a written exam to get the permit. Once they’re healthy, rehabilitated possums always should be released.

Are wolfdogs legal in Georgia?

Wolf hybrids are not a legal pet in Georgia. Most exotic cat hybrids, such as a savannah cat, are not a legal pet in Georgia.

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Are crows legal to own?

Why Crows Do Not Make Good Pets. Owning a crow is illegal in every state in the US. It’s morally dubious to take wildlife out of its natural habitat and keep it in cages. Experts who deal with crows in wildlife preserves compare taking care of crows to taking care of human infants.

Are toucans legal in Georgia?

Now the state has some of the strictest bans on animals in the U.S. Now only toucans, “non-feral” ungulates like bison, elk, camels, reindeer, and oxen, and hedgehogs are the most ‘exotic’ animals that remain legal. The legal animals are listed, and all others are prohibited.

Are there hyenas in Georgia?

The striped hyena is also listed as an endangered animal. In the 19th century, these animals were far more widespread than they are now, even dwelling around Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. They mostly inhabited Makhata Mountain, Martkopi, Akhmeta and Shiraqi regions of the country.