Best answer: When can you hunt turkey in Colorado?

Legal hunting hours for turkey are one-half hour before sunrise to sunset. Go to for a link to sunrise/sunset tables and more information. IT IS ILLEGAL TO: 1.

Is it turkey hunting season in Colorado?

​For details, see the Turkey Hunting Regulations Brochure. ​*Season Dates:​ Hunt dates vary by license type and hunt location.

Limited License Calendar.

​Over-the-counter license sales begin ​March 1 (9 a.m. MT)
Applications accepted beginning May 1

How long is turkey hunting season in Colorado?

In Colorado, there are two turkey hunting seasons: one in the fall and another in the spring. Fall applications are generally accepted until late May (the 28th in 2021), and the spring deadline typically falls on Groundhog’s Day, February 2nd.

When can you hunt wild turkeys?

Applications are due every fall. April 26-May 2 and May 3-23 for hunters drawing a Merriam’s or Rio Grande wild turkey tag; May 3-9 and May 10-30 for hunters drawing a Gould’s wild turkey tag. Archery season is April 26-May 30 depending upon hunt drawn by hunter. Youth-only season is April 19-25 and May 10-23.

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Where can you turkey hunt Colorado?

Weather is often unpredictable in Colorado. Fun Fact: Without question, the best locations for the over-the-counter hunter to bag a Colorado Merriam’s are the Southwest and Western regions, and along the Southern Front Range. Top-producing counties include Archuleta, Delta, Garfield, Mesa and Yuma.

How many wild turkeys are in Colorado?

Colorado Parks and Wildlife estimates the state is home to around 35,000 turkeys, and the population is thriving so much that there is a hunting season, though, not at the ELC. The birds can be found in 53 of the state’s 64 counties.

Can you hunt turkey with a rifle in Colorado?

These are generally more difficult to locate. Hunting methods vary between spring and fall, and so do methods of take. Rifles are not legal during spring seasons, whereas some fall turkey hunting units allow the use of rifles. … Read the 2015 Colorado Turkey brochure.

Is turkey considered small game in Colorado?

Small-game licenses are not valid for turkeys. A turkey license is required to take wild turkey. 2. Limited licenses are available for spring and fall seasons by draw, valid only for specific dates and units (see pages 4−7).

How much is a turkey license in Colorado?

​​Payment Deadlines​

License​ ​License Fees
Spring Resident Limited & Over-the-counter $30.87
Fall Resident Limited & Over-the-counter Fall or Late Season $25.67
Resident Limited Youth & Over-the-counter Youth $16.31
Spring or Fall Nonresident Limited & Over-the-counter or Late Season $157.77

How do you hunt turkeys in the spring?

15 Quick Tips for Spring Turkey Hunting

  1. Scout. If you take any tip away from this list, it should be this one. …
  2. Roost a bird. Once you consistently find early-morning gobblers, start putting them to bed. …
  3. Find the hens. …
  4. Shock and awe. …
  5. Use an Owl hooter. …
  6. Less is more. …
  7. The purr and cluck. …
  8. Hens make the best decoys.
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What can you hunt in spring?

Let’s take a look at five spring hunts that meet a variety of budgets.

  • Spring Bear Hunt. This is the most involved and potentially the priciest of the hunts, depending on where you live, but it has the potential to be the most memorable. …
  • Prairie Dog Shooting. …
  • Public Land Turkey. …
  • Hog Hunt. …
  • Predator Hunt.

Can you hunt turkey in your backyard?

If you don’t plan on shooting them with anything more than a camera you should have no problem hunting turkeys in your own backyard. If hunting laws in your area say you can, then yes!