Can you hunt on BLM land in Wyoming?

BLM and USFS lands provide access for public recreation including hunting. State lands are also open for hunting except on cultivated crop land.

Is it legal to hunt on BLM land?

Unless specifically prohibited, public lands managed by the BLM are open to hunting. … All hunters on public lands must have the required state license(s). States are responsible for managing wildlife within their borders for the trust and benefit of their residents, even if the hunting occurs on federal lands.

Can you hunt Wyoming government land?

The State Board of Land Commissioners extends the privilege of hunting and fishing on legally accessible State Trust Lands to the public, unless otherwise closed by direction of the Board.

Can you hunt Forest Service land in Wyoming?

The requirements for hunting on national forest land in Wyoming are that you must have a valid hunting license and follow all rules and regulations set forth by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Can you camp on state of Wyoming land?

State Land

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The lands must have legal access, and public users must comply with the regulations of the Wyoming Board of Land Commissioners (Board). These regulations prohibit any off-road motor vehicle use, overnight camping, or open fires.

Are BLM lands public?

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is an agency within the United States Department of the Interior responsible for administering federal lands. … Most BLM public lands are located in these 12 western states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

Can you hunt in Okanogan National Forest?

Hunting opportunities, ranging from upland game birds and waterfowl to big game such as elk, mule deer, bighorn sheep, bear, and cougar, abound in Okanogan Country. Big Game species include Mule Deer, White Tail Deer, Bear, Elk, Moose, Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat and Cougar. …

How much BLM land is in Wyoming?

The BLM manages approximately 18.4 million acres of public lands and 42.9 million acres of federal mineral estate for multiple use in Wyoming. BLM-managed lands in Wyoming contain world-class energy and mineral resources that are crucial to the nation.

How many acres of public hunting land is in Wyoming?

Table 1. Total Public Hunting Land Acres Available by State

State Total Land Acres (x1000) % of State Open to Hunt
Wyoming 62,140 50.5
Montana 93,149 32.3
Colorado 66,331 35.3
Washington 42,532 31.7

Who owns the most land in Wyoming?

Philip Anschutz owns 434,500 acres of land in Wyoming and Colorado. Plans for his land in Wyoming include a massive wind farm that will rank among the largest in the world.

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Can you hunt on Wyoming state trust land?

Wyoming hunters can access most state trust lands, but it’s important to know the rules if you plan to hunt them. As long as there are public roads leading to state trust lands, and as long as there are no cultivated crops on that land, Wyoming hunters can most likely hunt on those state trust lands.

Can you hunt wilderness areas in Wyoming?

Wyoming statute says nonresidents must have a licensed guide or resident companion to hunt big or trophy game in federally designated wilderness areas. … The law does not prohibit nonresidents from hiking, fishing or hunting game birds, small game, or coyotes in wilderness areas.

Where is the best place to hunt Wyoming?

6 Best Hunting Habitats in Wyoming

  • Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. One of Wyoming’s most famous hunting areas is the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, which is also known as the Serengeti of North America. …
  • Green River. …
  • National Forests. …
  • Killpecker Sand Dunes. …
  • Wilderness Country. …
  • Mountains.