Can you hunt with a crossbow in New Mexico?

Crossbow use is legal only by certified mobility-impaired hunters during bow seasons. Draw locks are illegal. Arrows must have broadheads (fixed or mechanical) with cutting edges. Sights on bows may not project light (lighted pins are acceptable).

Can you hunt deer with a crossbow in New Mexico?

It is lawful in New Mexico to use crossbows to harvest bear; cougar; elk; deer; javelin; pronghorn; Barbary sheep; oryx; Persian ibex; bighorn sheep; and turkey. Crossbows are legal for use in muzzleloader or any legal sporting arm seasons unless they have been otherwise restricted.

Can a felon hunt with a crossbow in New Mexico?

Any convicted felon according to New Mexico law shall be restricted to the use of archery equipment only.

Do I need a license for a crossbow?

Crossbows, spearguns and all airguns with a muzzle velocity of over one joule (including paintball markers) are legally considered firearms and have to be licensed.

Can a felon own a crossbow?

Since a crossbow is not considered a firearm, felons are not restricted by the Gun Control Act from owning one. Therefore, purchasing and owning a crossbow is legal for felons as well as those without a felony conviction.

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What is considered small game in New Mexico?

Small Game Species include:

Eurasian collared-doves, grouse, pheasant, quail and squirrel. White-winged and mourning doves, American coot, band-tailed pigeon, common moorhen, common snipe, ducks, geese, sandhill crane, sora and Virginia rail. Hunting swans in New Mexico is not allowed.

What game can you hunt in New Mexico?

Hunting in New Mexico is as diverse as the terrain. Big game species include elk, mule deer, desert bighorn sheep, mountain lion, black bear, javelina, and pronghorn, and hunting for wild turkeys, small game, upland birds, and waterfowl also excellent.

Is Coyote hunting legal in New Mexico?

It is still legal to hunt and kill coyotes — in most places, virtually without limits. … In New Mexico, coyotes are classified as “unprotected furbearers” and “non-game species,” and a hunting license is not required to kill them, nor is there a “bag limit” restricting the number of coyotes an individual may kill.

Can I hunt on my own land in New Mexico?

Hunting on Native American lands is outside the jurisdiction of the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish. Permission must be obtained from the pueblo, tribe or nation that owns the land.

In what state are crossbows illegal?

When you look at all 50 states, crossbows have full inclusion in gun seasons in 26 states now, and are legal during archery and firearms seasons, in some way, in 23 other states. Oregon remains the lone holdout; crossbows are still illegal to hunt with there.

What states can you not hunt with a crossbow?

States That Still Don’t Allow Crossbows During Whitetail Archery Seasons

  • 14 | Excalibur Assassin Crossbow in Realtree EDGE. …
  • 1 | Some State Wildlife Agencies Didn’t Provide Information. …
  • 2 | Idaho. …
  • 3 | Arizona. …
  • 4 | New Mexico. …
  • 5 | Colorado. …
  • 6 | North Dakota. …
  • 7 | South Dakota.
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Can I carry a crossbow in my car?

Crossbows may be equipped with a scope. It is unlawful to transport a crossbow on or within any vehicle while the crossbow is in the cocked position. Deer may be hunted with crossbows provided hunter orange is displayed when it is also lawful to hunt deer with a gun.