Frequent question: How do I get a permit to hunt alligators in Florida?

Transferability: Statewide Alligator Hunt permits are not transferable. How to Apply: Applicants can apply online at (sign on and choose “Apply for Limited Entry/Quota Permit”) or by completing the Application Worksheet and presenting it to any license agent or tax collector’s office.

How much is an alligator permit in Florida?

An alligator harvest permit costs $272 for Florida residents, $22 for those with a disability hunting license and $1,022 for non-residents. Those selected to receive a permit are allowed to harvest two alligators.

When can you apply for an alligator permit in Florida?

Anyone who will be 18 years of age or older by Aug. 15 and has a valid credit card may apply for alligator harvest permits at or in person at a licensed agent or tax collector’s office.

How do I get a permit for an alligator in Florida?

Applicants must be 18 years old, not convicted of certain wildlife related violations and demonstrate 1 year and 1,000 hours of substantial practical experience in the handling, husbandry and care of alligators or other crocodilian species. Activities must be documented and caging requirements apply.

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Can you legally hunt alligators in Florida?

The Statewide Alligator Hunt is perfectly legal, but you’ll need a permit to participate. … The FWC reports that more than 10,000 applicants will apply for about 5,000 permits; participants can harvest two alligators.

How do you get gator tags?

To receive tags for the season, hunters must either own their own land where they can hunt or receive permission from a landowner to hunt on their land. They cannot, however, set out to hunt for nuisance alligators in their neighbors’ backyards; hunting grounds must be classified as wetland habitats.

How much is a gator worth?

Reportedly, Louisiana alligator hunters used to make between $20 – $40 per foot of unprocessed alligator. However, in 2017 and 2018 there was increased competition coming from overseas and this caused gator sales to drop to an all-time low.

How much do alligator hunters make?

Usually, alligator hunters work freelance and don’t make any money until they have an alligator to show. How much a hunter makes can vary greatly. However, some hunters report that they can earn up to $40 per foot of the alligator.

Can I shoot a gator on my property?

Alligators may be hunted by means of firearms ONLY on private property (including private waters wholly within private property). Alligators MAY NOT be hunted by means of firearms from, on, in, across, or over public water.

What do you need to hunt alligators?

For most of the zones the size limit is 48 inches, but for Zone 1A, alligators must be at least 96 inches. In order to hunt alligators, you will need a Georgia hunting license and an alligator harvest permit. Hunting licenses are $15 for residents and $100 for non-residents.

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Do you need a license to own an alligator?

It’s likely not legal in your state to own one.

There are only five states that allow you to own an alligator with no permits or licenses required. Those states are Alabama, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Wisconsin.

Can alligators be friendly?

While they may not rank the highest on being the most friendly or cuddliest animals, alligators are certainly one of the most fascinating, dare we say…

What is the fine for killing an alligator in Florida?

It’s illegal to poach, take or mutilate an alligator, and illegal to hunt them outside of hunting season and without a permit. Hunting season begins Aug. 15. Unauthorized alligator hunting is a third-degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison and $5,000 in fines.