Frequent question: Is Wild Turkey Rye any good?

Wild Turkey 101 Rye is more spice forward than other barely legal ryes, leading with a stronger rye influence than the mashbill would have you to believe. The mouthfeel is pretty good, with a creamy, yet punchy quality that is no doubt aided by the 101 proof.

What percentage rye is Wild Turkey?

Wild Turkey Straight Rye Whiskey is an 81 proof (40.5% alcohol) ode to America’s first distilled spirit: rye whiskey.

Is Wild Turkey Rye a bourbon?

Wild Turkey Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey is distinguished from Bourbon because it must contain at least 51% rye. Wild Turkey Rye is 81 proof, and is rich and balanced with a unique toffee and peppery taste that makes it less sweet that Bourbon, but with similar tones of caramel and vanilla, and a warm, smoky flavour.

Is Wild Turkey bad whiskey?

The alcohol is gentle and pleasant. It’s not a bad way to end the drink, but nothing great or noteworthy either. Again, Wild Turkey 101 tastes like a standard high-rye bourbon, even though its made from a low rye mash.

Is Wild Turkey a good whiskey?

The combination of high proof, great price, and flavor qualities of Wild Turkey 101 is really a perfect storm. Sporting both high proof and flavor balance makes it a great sipping bourbon, which can’t always be said of budget bourbons. The great price and above-average proof also makes it a great mixing bourbon.

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What is the mash bill of Wild Turkey 101 rye?

Mash bill at least 51% rye; aged in new, charred oak barrels.

Is Bourbon sweeter than rye?

Rye is generally spicier with a more aggressive flavor than bourbon. Bourbon whiskey typically has a sweeter, more mellow flavor than rye, with notes of vanilla, oak and caramel.

What is the diff between bourbon and whiskey?

Whiskey is a distilled spirit made from grains like corn and rye and aged in wooden barrels. Bourbon is a type of whiskey, and there are strict rules in place to ensure its quality. Bourbon must be made in the US, distilled from at least 51% corn, and aged in new oak-charred barrels.

Where is Wild Turkey Rye made?

Wild Turkey is a brand of Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey distilled and bottled by the Wild Turkey Distilling Co, a division of Campari Group. The distillery is located near Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.

What is the alcohol percentage in Wild Turkey?

Wild Turkey 101 is a 101 proof (50.5% alcohol) bourbon that is a marriage of primarily 6-, 7-, and 8-year-old bourbons.

Is Wild Turkey top shelf?

Wild Turkey Bourbon 101 is another top-shelf bourbon from master distillers that exactly know what they’re doing down to the very last detail. Truth be told, this American liquor brand has perfected creating the premium spirit for more than 100 years.

Is Wild Turkey 101 a whiskey?

A legendary 101 proof straight rye whiskey known for its deep golden amber color and warm, smoky flavor with a rich, balanced aroma of vanilla and spice.

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