How do you bait a bear with a beaver?

Is Beaver good bear bait?

Beavers are a favorite food for black bears so using them is a natural fit. In addition to meat, I fill one barrel with oats coated with discarded restaurant grease–very economical. The sticky coating adheres to the bear’s paws and leaves a scent trail to and from the bait as the bear roams, thus attracting more bears.

What do you bait bears with?

Bread, doughnuts, and various different types of meat are probably the most popular bear baits. Bears have very sensitive noses (arguably even better than deer and feral hogs) and seem particularly drawn to very pungent smelling baits, which makes fish a good choice.

How long does it take a bear to hit bait?

Takes anywheres from 2 weeks to a month. If you’re after a small bear, you can start hunting as soon as it’s hit. The sows come in heat later in the season for us, so no rush for me. If you’re baiting every 3 days then that means you’re not bringing in enough bait!

Will a black bear eat a beaver?

Animals That Eat North American Beavers

Some of these rodents’ most common predators include fishers, coyotes, hawks, brown and black bears, northern river otters, lynx, eagles, mountain lions, owls, wolverines and wolves.

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Will bacon grease attract bears?

Here are a few tips that will really get the bait fired up. All year long I save used cooking oil, bacon grease, hamburger grease and so forth. We deep fry a lot of fish at our house and the used vegetable oil smells pretty good to a bear, especially when mixed with bacon grease.

What is a good bear attractant?

Beaver carcasses will always be some of the best bear bait around, but the commercial-type bait seems to hold the bears better than just the fryer grease and oats. “Many like it because they can just order bait and be done with it.

How often should you bear bait?

Baits should be filled every 2-3 days when possible. You can take more time in between but if you wait too long with an empty bait, big bears will move on.

What to do with a bear after you shoot it?

Get a lot of fine salt on the hide as quickly as possible, if you are planning to keep it. This will help set the fur and make for a better mount. DON’T put the hide in a plastic bag or container! If possible and legal where you’re hunting, skin the bear on the spot, then quarter it and remove the loins.

Is peanut butter good bear bait?

They gobble it up! Bears also love peanut butter, if you can get it, as well as jams and jellies. A friend uses a mixture of grain, brown sugar, and water, which he mixes in a barrel and allows to ferment a little.

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Where do you put bear bait?

Run ridges when setting up your bait barrel – Ridges are ideal bear bait locations due to the way wind and bear travel works together. “I like narrow, dark ridges that come down to water,” says Oligee. “Set up where you can get scent rolling off and going up drainages on both sides of your bait.”