How many elk tags are issued in Colorado?

Big-game license applications: 587,450. Big-game licenses sold: 361,089. Elk licenses sold: 215,351. Elk, deer, pronghorn and bear licenses sold to non-residents: 102,444.

How many elk hunters are in Colorado?

An estimated 283,000 elk roam the landscape in Colorado, the most of any state. Although approximately 220,000 hunters went after elk during the 2019 hunting seasons, only 37,000 elk were harvested in total.

What are the chances of drawing an elk tag in Colorado?

Selecting more than one license gives you the greatest opportunity of drawing a tag and hunting this fall. Here’s an astounding fact: Less than 10 percent of hunters who apply for elk put in for more than one license on their application.

Are elk overpopulated in Colorado?

By the early 1900s, Western settlers had wiped out nearly all of the elk in North America, bringing an estimated population of 10 million down to just 40,000 animals throughout the United States and parts of Canada. … Colorado now boasts the largest elk population – about 280,000 animals – in North America.

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What is the best elk unit in Colorado?

Unit 1 and Unit 201 in the northwest corner of Colorado are known for their fabulous elk hunting. This is undoubtedly the best region in the state for producing giant bulls. This region consistently produces elk in the 330” to 380” B&C class for those who have the preference points to draw.

How much does an over the counter elk tag cost in Colorado?

Non-resident elk tags includes a fishing license and the cost for Non-residents in 2021 is $670.25 for Bull Elk (Antlered) or Either Sex Elk tags and $503.12 for cow/calf (Antlerless). The cost for Non-resident Youth tag is $102.78.

What county in Colorado has the most elk?

Grand County and Middle Park are part of northwest Colorado which is home to the largest migratory herd of elk in North America. This same part of the state also has the largest mule deer population in the United States.

How do I get an elk tag in Colorado?

For sale online, by phone (1-800-244-5613) and at sales agents around the state. Prior to applying in the big game draw(s), all applicants will first need to purchase a qualifying hunting license. Online draw applications will not be accessible until you purchase your qualifying license.

How much is a elk license in Colorado?

Resident Licenses

​License Type 2021
Elk License ​$56.88
​​​​Pronghorn License ​$41.28
Bear License ​$39.75
​Mountain Lion License ​$51.68

Are there too many elk in Rocky Mountain National Park?

Elk, (Cervus canadensis, also known by their Native American name wapiti), are among the largest and most abundant wild animals in Rocky Mountain National Park. As many at 3,200 elk are scattered throughout the park during the summer and fall months, with 600-800 elk spending winter in the park.

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Where are the elk in Colorado now?

According to John Ellenberger, big-game manager for the Colorado Division of Wildlife, the White River National Forest is the state’s elk mecca. “Our largest herd is the White River elk herd, found in the northern half of the White River National Forest–north of Interstate 70,” says Ellenberger.

Why is elk overpopulation bad?

Overpopulation of elk can harm other species and disrupt ecosystems. Culling removes fertile females to reduce the reproductive capacity of a herd. Culling is distinct from restoration, where resource managers attempt to repair or reintroduce native components of an ecosystem.