How much is a turkey hunting license in Alabama?

What license do I need to hunt turkey in Alabama?

License Requirements

To hunt Eastern wild turkey in Alabama, you must have the following: All Game Hunting License (unless exempt) Harvest Record (paper form or on the app) Wildlife Management License and map permit IF hunting on a WMA.

How much does a hunting license cost in Alabama?

A valid Alabama driver’s license. Hunter Education Card if applicable. Cost: $24.20 for State All Game Hunting license. Cost: $16.15 for State Small Game Hunting license.

Is turkey considered small game in Alabama?

Game species in Alabama include:

Big game including white-tailed deer and turkey. Small game including dove, quail, rabbit, squirrels, and oppossums. Waterfowl and other migratory game birds including ducks, geese, and coots.

Can you turkey hunt all day in Alabama?

At Westervelt Lodge in Alabama, hunters are allowed to harvest one longbeard gobbler per day.

Is turkey hunting good in Alabama?

According to, Alabama boasts the most turkeys of any southeastern state, with huntable turkey populations in all counties. With its harvest regulations of one bird per day and five total birds per season, Alabama provides hunters with the most opportunity of any state in the country.

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Can you hunt turkey all day?

For some states, it’s the only time you can hunt mandated by state game laws. But for those that are turkey hunting all day in the spring, the success can be great in the afternoons.

Can I hunt on my own land without a license in Alabama?

Residents of Alabama and their immediate family are not required to purchase a hunting license to hunt on property they own.

How many shells can you have in a shotgun turkey hunting in Alabama?

Only one. You can only have three in your possession on public land.

How do you get a hunting license in Alabama?

How Do I Get My State Hunting License?

  1. Complete the Alabama hunter education certification requirements.
  2. Choose the correct license type.
  3. Buy the license through the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources website or an Alabama–approved agent.

Can a game warden come on private property in Alabama?

Every year Game Wardens in Alabama and in many other states violate the civil rights of citizens when they enter onto private property without permission or a warrant. … Alabama state law unconstitutionally allows game wardens to enter onto posted private land without any level of suspicion of illegal activity.