Question: Where can I hunt whitetail deer in Ohio?

What part of Ohio has the biggest bucks?

On the west side of Muskingum County, 3,600-acre Dillon Wildlife Area has long been a productive deer hunting destination in a county known for producing some the state’s biggest bucks. The area is approximately 10 miles northwest of Zanesville and 15 miles east of Newark along state Route 146.

What county in Ohio has the best deer hunting?

Top 10 counties for deer harvest during the 2019-2020 seasons include: Coshocton (6,715), Tuscarawas (5,781), Ashtabula (4,949), Muskingum (4,929), Licking (4,878), Knox (4,746), Guernsey (4,524), Holmes (4,507), Carroll (3,843) and Trumbull (3,668). Ohio’s youth hunters harvested 6,234 on Nov. 23-24, 2019.

How much does deer hunting cost in Ohio?

The Ohio non-resident hunting license costs only $125. Either-sex deer tag is $24, and antlerless tags are $15 each. This means you can harvest both a buck and a doe for only $164! Ohio is one of the cheapest non-resident states to hunt, with MUCH cheaper license and permit fees than many other states in the Midwest.

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Where are the most deer in Ohio?

Coshocton County leads the state in total deer harvests over the last five years, with 6,715 deer taken during the 2019-2020 season.

What is the biggest deer ever shot in Ohio?

The Beatty buck is a shoe-in to become the largest bow-killed buck ever in Ohio, and is surpassed only by the legendary Hole-In-Horn buck, which was found dead along a railroad track in Portage County in 1940. The antlers later were discovered hanging in a bar in Kent; they scored at 3281/4.

Can you bait deer in Ohio on public land?

A DEER HUNTER MAY Hunt deer over bait, except on public land and in the Disease Surveillance Area. The placement of or use of bait (salt, minerals, or any food) to attract or feed deer within the DSA boundaries is prohibited, as is the hunting of deer by the aid of bait. …

Are there mule deer in Ohio?

Rocky Fork Whitetails offers the ultimate Mule Deer Hunting Trip for Ohio residents. … Hunters who have traveled from the Ohio area, trust Rocky Fork Whitetail’s Mule Deer Hunting Trip; for exciting and memorable Mule Deer Hunting Trip experiences in Ohio.

How many deer can you harvest in Ohio?

Hunters may harvest as many as six deer, again only one antlered, during the Ohio hunting year but not more than a county limit.

Where is the best hunting in Ohio?

The best hunting in Ohio is often found in Coshocton County, which is a huge hunting hub in the state. As a state leader in deer harvests each year (for over 10 years!), hunters from across the Midwest flock to Coshocton to be the first ones on the ground at the start of each season.

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Where is the best whitetail deer hunting in Ohio?

5 of the Best Public Places to Hunt in Ohio

  • The Buckeye State boasts some serious deer hunting opportunities. If you want to bag some of the biggest bucks in the nation, then the Midwest is the place to be. …
  • Woodbury Wildlife Area. …
  • Dillon Wilderness Area. …
  • Conesville Coal Lands. …
  • Shawnee State Forest. …
  • WolfCreek Whitetails.

Can you shoot 2 bucks in Ohio?

Ohio only allows each deer hunter to take one antlered deer a year, so make sure it’s the one you want before you shoot! It’s also worth noting deer bag limits varies from county to county and public land hunters are limited to just one antlerless deer.

Is Ohio a one buck state?

Ohio hunters can only kill one buck and like other one-buck states, that one buck will satisfy a hunter’s goals. Ohio has one of the longest deer seasons of any state. Bow season begins September 29 and runs through February 3. … Fortunately, Ohio is a state where you can purchase your non-resident tags over the counter.