Quick Answer: How much does a hunting rifle cost in dank Memer?

The Hunting Rifle is an item in the Shop that costs 10,000 ⏣. It allows you to hunt using “pls hunt”, making you be able to catch animals, which are sellables.

What can u get from hunting in dank Memer?

If the user hunts nothing, then Dank Memer will send “All that time in the woods, and you couldn’t catch a single thing hahaha”.

After doing so, they normally get one of the following:

  • Nothing (46% chance)
  • A Skunk (34% chance)
  • A Rabbit (10% chance)
  • A Duck (5% chance)
  • A Deer (2.5% chance)
  • A Boar (2% chance)

What does the hunting stat do in dank Memer?

Hunting. All pets are able to find items, however increasing the Hunting statistic through pls pet train will drastically change what items they find, and how often they are able to find them. With 0 points assigned, pets can find up to around 1k coins and items worth around 500 coins.

How much does a hunting rifle cost in discord?

The Hunting Rifle is an item in the Shop that costs 10,000 ⏣.

How rare is a Kraken in dank Memer?

Kraken is a sellable in Dank Memer. It can be obtained by trading or fishing. There is a 0.2% chance that a user may get either a Kraken or a Legendary Fish by fishing.

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Can hunting rifle break dank Memer?

Otherwise, your hunting rifle breaks so you need to purchase a new one. You can also die (meaning you lose all your money in your wallet) if you don’t type the phrase in time.

What does fake ID do dank Memer?

The Fake ID disguises you on the Server Leaderboards, it chooses a random username. Most effective in larger servers. It will be disabled when you fail a steal or after a real life week.

How do you get coins on discord?

Generally you can get coins by: beg, work, search, daily, weekly, redeem, gamble, slots, postmeme, sell , steal @user. Music Commands. This is a Python discord.py bot I am working on. Extra.

How do you steal money from dank Memer?

Stealing. is a Simple Mechanic, using “pls steal” you can steal a user’s money, the format is “pls steal ” then it will generate a random amount of their cash, if the cash is in their Bank, you can’t get it unless you Bankrob.

What is dank Memer prestige?

What do you get when you prestige? You will get a 1 prestige pack, and some prestige coins. … When used, the prestige coin will increase your multiplier by 350%, for the next 6 hours. Make sure you utilize it before it wears off.