What gauge is best for grouse hunting?

A strong case can also be made for the choice of a 20 gauge for all upland hunting. With a 20 gauge you can use your choice of ammunition to adapt to the game you pursue. A light load #7 ½ or 8 shot will perform well for birds like grouse, quail, or woodcock.

What size shot do you use for grouse?

Most grouse hunters prefer 6 or 7 ½ shot. If shooting a two barrel gun, some use 7 ½ in the first barrel with 6s in the second. Early in the season when birds may flush a little closer and cover is thicker your best choice may be 7 ½ all around.

Is a 28 gauge good for grouse?

Registered. The 28 gauge is the only shotgun I use on partridge(ruffed grouse). Have used it with good success for decades. Number 6 or 7 1/2 shot works fine.

What gun do you use for grouse?

A 12-gauge seems to be the most common grouse gun, once again because for most hunters it fits the bill for pretty much any wildfowl from woodcock to wild turkey.

Can you shoot grouse on the ground?

The difference between a ruffed grouse and partridge is that one was in the air while the other was standing on the ground (or a tree limb). … Just to make it clear, you should never shoot a ruffed grouse on the ground when a bird dog is involved for safety reasons.

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What is the best time of day to hunt grouse?

Grouse tend to loaf at midday. The best time, according to Nelson, is often in the early morning or late afternoon. That’s when they move around, forage for food, and put a lot of scent on the ground.

What is the best shotgun for grouse?

The 10 Best Shotguns for Grouse Hunting

  • Browning A5 Sweet 16. The new Browning A5 Sweet 16 is lighter and produces less recoil than the original. …
  • Benelli UltraLight. Benelli UltraLight is available in most popular gauges. …
  • Ithaca Model 37. …
  • Ithaca/SKB 100. …
  • Beretta 686 Onyx Pro. …
  • Dickinson Plantation Grade. …
  • Parker. …
  • AyA 4/53.

Where do grouse go when snowing?

In the early winter, ruffed grouse shift residency to more mature forests. When snow is sparse on the ground or too icy, they stay warm by roosting within the dense needles of conifers. Deep snow makes life much easier for ruffed grouse. Rather than avoiding the snow, they plunge into it head-first and build a tunnel.

Where do you shoot a ruffed grouse?

You just won’t find many birds in marginal habitat. On the other hand, anyone can flush grouse in good habitat. So, it’s a good idea to find some. Ruffed grouse prefer the early-successional forest cover associated with abandoned farmland, regenerating clear-cuts, burns, strip-mines, and the like.

Is eating grouse good?

You can eat grouse fresh or freeze it. … One breast filet is enough for a single serving, though many folks so enjoy the flavor of grouse that a whole breast isn’t too much. Grouse is very lean white meat with a delicate flavor. You can use it in just about any chicken recipe, but take care not to overcook.

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