What is considered a legal spike elk in Utah?

A reminder to elk hunters in spike only hunt areas: A legal spike bull means a bull elk which has at least one antler beam with no branching above the ears.

What is considered a spike elk?

Spike elk means any elk having at least one antler without branching above the ears. longer than one inch, measured from base to tip.

How old is a spike elk?

The antlers on one-year-old elk bulls are called spikes for their single point on each beam.

How do you identify a spike elk?

State rules define a spike as having no more than one point on one side of its antlers. An antler point is a branch measuring 1 inch or longer. But points don’t count if they are within 4 inches of the skull.

How do I know if my elk is legal?

If you are hunting with a friend and see your partner exhibit warning signs of abandoning good judgment – speak up. Responsible hunting requires a leader to step up in times of stress. A legal tine or not? Sure, if the 6th tine on the bull you got is 2.5 cm long, it’s a legal bull.

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Can you carry a sidearm while bow hunting in Utah?

Open carry while bow hunting in Utah is prohibited. You can only make use of concealed weapons, but it is illegal to take down a game with concealed firearms.

Is crossbow hunting legal in Utah?

In 2013, the Utah Wildlife Board approved the use of crossbows during Utah’s any-weapon big game hunts, and during the 2015 Legislative session, it was proposed to allow the use of a crossbow in addition to standard archery equipment during the dedicated archery season.

Do brow tines count as points on elk?

The brow tines curve nicely and seem to pass the tip of the nose, about 18 inches each: 36 points. The next two points are about 16 inches each on both sides: 64 points. … The back fork is also pretty good, about 8 inches on each side: 16 points.

How big is a spike elk?

A cow and spike can average around 450-500lbs. Spikes have polished antlers that are displayed; where as a cow does not. With the antlers of a mature bull elk that we all imagine, hunters might think it’s impossible to not recognize the difference between a cow and bull.

What is considered a trophy bull elk?

If a bull appears able to “scratch his rear-end with his antlers,” it likely has the frame to be a trophy. No need to spend much more time considering beam length. Inside Spread—Boone and Crockett records show a wide variation on spreads of trophy elk.

What is the best elk unit in Utah?

The top four units are two South Slope Units and two North Slope sub-units that accounted for over half (54.0%) of all Bull Elk harvested in all Any Bull units in Table 1. So without knowing anything else about Elk Hunting in Utah, you should consider hunting the North and/or South Slope of the Uinta Mountains.

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Can you buy over the counter elk tags in Utah?

There are two types of General Season Elk permits that can be purchased over the counter (or online) for Archery, Rifle (or any legal weapon) and Muzzleloader seasons. Map 2. Utah General Season Any Bull Elk Units (light grey). White areas include NPS, DOD, Native Lands or other closed areas.

How much elk meat is usable?

Most average bull elk will yield 190 to 225 pounds of boneless meat, while an average cow produces about 160 pounds of meat.