What is the best unit to hunt elk in New Mexico?

Muzzleloader- Mid Oct. Rifle- Late Oct. South central New Mexico is home to some of the states best elk hunting with units 34 & 36 leading the way. The two units have been consistent producers of quality bulls (300+) with truly giant bulls (370+) being taken out of both units every year.

What are the best elk units in New Mexico?

New Mexico Game Management Unit 16D

Game Management Unit 16-D is probably the most popular unit in New Mexico for trophy bulls. This unit has more hype than any other unit in New Mexico and for good reason. Although it’s not our personal favorite, it is most definitely a premiere unit for trophy bull elk.

What state has the highest success rate for elk hunting?

Wyoming comes out on top with a five year average of 18.4 hunting days per elk harvested. Utah is in 2nd place with 20.3 days per elk harvest.

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What unit is the Gila Wilderness?

Areas: Unit 39E includes the Maricopa and Estrella Mountains; the majority of these areas are wilderness areas. Unit 39E may be accessed at road junctions along state route 85, S.R. 85, between Gila Bend and Buckeye, as well as through the Rainbow Valley.

Where is the best hunting in New Mexico?

The Elk of New Mexico bring hunters from all over the nation. If you want the best chance to bag one of your own, regions 50-52 are all very popular. They are located in the north-central region and offer plenty of coverage and strong Elk populations after years of careful management.

What is considered a mature bull elk in New Mexico?

“Mature bull” or “MB” shall mean a male elk with at least one brow tine extending six or more inches from the main beam or at least one forked antler with both branches six or more inches long.

Where is the largest elk herd in New Mexico?

Management of elk on the Carson goes back to the early 1900’s when elk were first reintroduced into northern New Mexico. This management is especially meaningful today when the Carson National Forest boasts one of the largest elk herds in the state.

What is the best state to hunt elk in?

Top 10 States for Elk Hunting

  1. Colorado. Many say Colorado is the best state for hunting elk because of its numbers.
  2. Oregon. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. …
  3. Utah. Utah rivals Arizona when it comes to trophy elk hunting. …
  4. Idaho. …
  5. Montana. …
  6. Wyoming. …
  7. New Mexico. …
  8. Washington. …
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Can you buy over the counter elk tags in New Mexico?

California, Nevada and New Mexico do not offer any OTC Elk tags, so all elk tags in these states are limited entry only. Some of the OTC tags are not limited except in certain units, while other tags may be limited state-wide.

Where is the cheapest place to hunt elk?

Affordable Archery Elk Hunts

  • Idaho/Wyoming Public Land. This outfitter has the best trophy quality of the four with chances at bulls over 320″. …
  • New Mexico Private Land with Landowner Permits Included. This hunt has two different kinds of ranches. …
  • Colorado Public Land.

What unit is Ruidoso NM?

New Mexico Management Unit 36 Game.

What unit is Snow Lake in New Mexico?

Snow Lake is a small reservoir with an adjacent camping area in west central New Mexico. It is located in Gila National Forest at an elevation of 7,313 feet (2,229 m) above sea level.

Snow Lake (New Mexico)

Snow Lake
Coordinates 33.4226°N 108.4963°WCoordinates:33.4226°N 108.4963°W
Type reservoir

How much is an elk tag in New Mexico?

Table of Draw Fees

License Type Resident Nonresident
Standard Elk License (Residents 18–64 years of age and all nonresidents)
A (Antlerless) $60 Not Issued
MB (Mature Bull) $90 $548
ES (Either Sex) $90 $548