What poison would kill a bear?

Theobromine can, at high doses, be toxic to bears and other species. Its effects have been studied and documented in dogs, cats, rodents and humans, but its impact on bears and other wildlife species is largely unknown, according to Fish and Game.

What food is toxic to bears?

Theobromine is found in all forms of chocolate and it has proven to be harmful to canines and to bears. The worst offenses are caused by unprocessed chocolate, baker’s chocolate and dark chocolate.

Do bears like antifreeze?

This includes all manner of pet food, bird seed, deer corn and livestock feed, along with human food, unwashed BBQ grills and even things like antifreeze that are definitely not good to eat (antifreeze smells and tastes sweet but is actually highly poisonous in very small quantities to both people and bears.)

Is Wildlife legal to poison?

Every person who, without the consent of the owner, wilfully administers poison to any animal, the property of another, or exposes any poisonous substance, with the intent that the same shall be taken or swallowed by any such animal, is guilty of a misdemeanor.

Do bears like raisins?

The bears always get apples and oranges. Every other day they get either carrots or cooked sweet potatoes. Their extra fruit/vegetable (which is pears in this pic) varies each day between pears, avacados, berries, peaches or plums, heads of lettuce, grapes or raisins, and corn on the cob.

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What does chocolate do to bears?

Too much theobromine in a bear’s system can cause severe illness, inducing vomiting, hypothermia, seizures, coma, respiratory and heart failure. Chocolate is popular among commercial bear hunting guides because it’s inexpensive and easy to get, Timmins said.

Do bears like onions?

And so no onions are put onto the BearArizona pallet. … Recently, though, they—the employees, not the bears—have complained about the low quality of the food we’re giving them: apparently some of it is too rotten even for the animals.

Is antifreeze still poisonous to animals?

Most antifreeze is made from ethylene glycol. Ethylene glycol-based antifreeze tastes sweet but is highly toxic to both humans and animals. … Propylene glycol-based antifreeze is slightly more expensive, but is non-toxic to pets and wildlife.

What antifreeze kills animals?

Ethylene glycol is extremely toxic to all animals, including humans. Less than a teaspoon (5mL) of undiluted antifreeze is enough to kill a cat, and less than a quarter cup (125 mL) can kill an adult human.

Do bears like Diesel?

Bears are known to eat motor oil bottles, gas cans, diesel cans and such.

Is it illegal to feed coyotes?

Feeding wildlife is illegal! Do not approach or feed wild animals, including coyotes. It is unsafe and a violation of the law. The Los Angeles Animal Services Department has a Wildlife Expert and several very knowledgeable speakers.

Can I poison a feral cat?

Poison could have unintended effects beyond the cats, and not to beat this drum too hard, but it is ILLEGAL TO POISON FERAL CATS.

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Can you shoot a coyote on your property in California?

In California, coyotes have the same legal status as pigeons and rats. They’re considered “non-game animals,” which means anyone can kill as many of them as they want, at any time of year.