Why do alligator hunters wear white boots?

What does Troy Landry do for a living?

Usually, alligator hunters work freelance and don’t make any money until they have an alligator to show. How much a hunter makes can vary greatly. However, some hunters report that they can earn up to $40 per foot of the alligator.

Is Troy Landry still married?

Troy and Bernita Landry: Relationship

Troy and Bernita have been married since September 26th, 1981. This means that the couple have been married for at least 39 years! They are both parents to Chase, 31, Jacob, 37, and Troy’s oldest stepson Brandon Landry, who is 44 years old, and are now grandparents!

What happened to Liz on Swamp People?

She now lives and works on Pecan Island in Louisiana along with her husband, Justin Choate, who was also one of the original alligator hunters who featured on ‘Swamp People’ and who was fired from the series at the same time as his wife.

How much does Troy Landry make per episode?

Troy and Jacob Landry

Needless to say, they are paid handsomely. According to Business Insider, they each earn $25,000 per episode. At this point both of their net worth has reached into the millions.

What happened to RJ and Jay Paul on Swamp People?

During their tenure on the show, RJ and Jay Paul also ran into some legal troubles. They were arrested on charges of battery in 2016. According to a report, the incident took place near Bourg-LaRose Highway. … There has been no confirmation on why the fan-favorite duo exited the series at the peak of their popularity.

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What is Willie on Swamp People’s net worth?

Junior And Willie Edwards net worth: Junior And Willie Edwards are American reality television personalities and commercial fishermen who have a net worth of $500 thousand. Junior And Willie Edwards are best known for starring in the History Channel reality series Swamp People.