You asked: Can you hunt with an SKS in Wisconsin?

Can I shoot a deer with a SKS?

For hunting purposes, it’s clearly low power. Even medium range is out of the question. The general rule of thumb is 1000 ft-lbs of energy for deer on impact, and most SKS ammunition will only take you out to 150 yards with that in mind. With soft point bullets, it’s still lethal on deer.

What is the smallest caliber for deer hunting in Wisconsin?

. 243 would be the minimum caliber for deer.

Can you hunt with 7.62 x39mm?

7.62×39 Hunting Ammo Choices

Both Winchester and Federal (Fusion) make 123 grain soft point ammo for hunting, and many people report good results with these. Corbon loads the all-copper 123 grain DPX bullet in a 7.62×39 load that is also reported to perform well on deer-sized game.

Is a SKS a good deer rifle?

So you can see why many hunters use the SKS. … Well I will tell you one thing, the SKS is a deadly weapon, and can harvest a deer just as well as many of the deer rifles on the market. Yes it may not be the prettiest rifle in the field, but it is more than enough gun to do the job on deer sized game.

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What is an SKS good for?

The SKS, not surprisingly, is a popular hunting rifle. Due to its known mid-to-longer range ability, the SKS rifle is commonly used to hunt deer. The only downfall in using the gun as a hunting rifle is the lack of a scope or ability to mount one. The original design was created with an iron sight only.

Can you shoot a moose with an SKS?

As long as you use your weapon of choice be it an sks, 30-06 or even a bow within its limitations the animal won’t suffer. I just shot a bull moose with my bow.

Can you use buckshot in Wisconsin?

Buckshot is legal to use in many situations but not for deer hunting and buckshot may not be possessed from June 1 through the second day after the close of the last gun deer season of the year. … Deer feeding is legal in many areas and those stations may attract bear and elk as well.

Is Shining deer legal in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin’s Regulations:

You are not allowed to shine deer if you are in possession of or carrying a weapon in your vehicle. In addition, shining to aid in the hunting of deer or other animals is illegal. Fines for violating state laws are 2,000 dollars or more for shining while hunting and 300 when not hunting.

Can you hunt deer with an air rifle in Wisconsin?

If you do that it would then read “It is illegal to hunt deer with any air rifle or any center-fire rifle less than . 22 caliber.” That is a very clear statement: No air rifles may be used to hunt deer in Wisconsin. With the “rimfire rifle” portion added in the word “any” prior to centerfire is also now key.

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Is the 7.62 x39 good for deer hunting?

It is a good deer round within 125 yards using soft point ammo. It compares to the 30/30 in power. Hornady makes a great 7.62×39 cartridge loaded with its SST bullets, and these make a pretty decent hunting round.

Is 308 good for deer?

308 Winchester is a good caliber for hunting deer, pronghorn, elk, moose and bear. … 308 Winchester will usually tell stories of how well the caliber does as a sniper rifle out to 700 yards and sometimes beyond.

Is 7.62 x39 good for hog hunting?

Great round for hogs. I’ve owned about 5 of them, over the years, and currently have a 10.5″ 7.62×39 SBR. It’s an adequate round for hogs, and that round shoots accurately, on the AR platform.