Your question: Who plays polar bear in Dolittle?

In Dolittle, in which Robert Downey Jr. plays the veterinarian who can talk to animals (also based on a series of classic children’s stories), Cena voices Yoshi, a polar bear who lives among the doctor’s menagerie of animals and has no desire to return home — because he craves warmth.

Did John Cena play polar bear in Dolittle?

Part of the all-star voice cast for ‘Dolittle’ is John Cena, who voices the chill and warm-loving polar bear Yoshi. John Cena breathes life to the chilly-but-chill polar bear Yoshi in Universal Pictures’ new epic adventure Dolittle, a vivid re-imagining of the classic tale of the man who could talk to animals.

Who did John Cena play in Dolittle?

Dolittle (2020) – John Cena as Yoshi – IMDb.

Who is the gorilla in Dolittle?

Voices. Emma Thompson as Polynesia (“Poly” for short), a wise and brave blue and yellow macaw and Dolittle’s most trusted adviser. Rami Malek as Chee-Chee, a shy but noble mountain gorilla.

Who is the squirrel in the movie Dolittle?

Craig Robinson is the voice of Kevin the Squirrel in Dolittle, and Takaya Kuroda is the Japanese voice.

How old is Rdj?

Jip is Doctor Dolittle’s dog. He has a very keen sense of smell. In The Story of Doctor Dolittle, he was able to rescue a man stranded on an island by following the man’s scent across the ocean. He appears as a Labrador Retriever in the 1967 film.

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Who is Yoshi in Dolittle?

Yoshi is one of the supporting characters of Dolittle. He is voiced by John Cena, who also voices J.C. in Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania and Ferdinand from Ferdinand.

Is Stubbins Dolittle son?

Enter two fresh-faced youngsters with complementary motivations: Lady Rose (Carmel Laniado) is here to fetch Dolittle so he can save Queen Victoria (Jessie Buckley) on her deathbed; Tommy Stubbins (Harry Collett) is a surrogate son for Dolittle who wants to trade in his shotgun for language lessons from the good doctor …

Why was Dr Dolittle so bad?

The general theme of Dolittle’s negative reviews is that there’s not much to love about the movie: the jokes aren’t funny, director Stephen Gaghan (best known for serious dramas and thrillers like Syriana) was an odd choice for the material, and the film is not helped by most of the supporting characters being CGI.

Who would win hippo or gorilla?

A hippo would not win. A gorilla would just jump on its back and pound the hippos face in. “Older males can get much larger, reaching at least 3,200 kg (7,100 lb) and occasionally weighing 4,500 kg (9,900 lb).”

Is Selena Gomez In Dolittle?

Selena Gomez is celebrating both the release of her new album, Rare, this weekend and the upcoming opening of her latest film project, Dolittle. Gomez voices the character of a giraffe named Betsy in the movie, which hits theaters on Jan. 17.